Saturday, December 12, 2015

calling to all bride bloggers..lets exchange links =)

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Salam..hye pretty ex-bride and bride-to-be..please drop your link into my comment box..i am more than happy to be your friend and share this amazing journey together.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015


The Islamic fashion industry is hitting high fashion with various designs each year and in 2015, we can start guessing the new ‘it’muslimah clothing. Hijabista and muslimah ladies will definitely want to keep a look out to catch the latest muslimah clothing trends this year. From the fashion forecast that we can see nowadays, muslimah women can look stylish in their own way without going overboard. If you are wondering what the new muslimah trends are, the three popular ones stated below is hitting the fashion scene.
1.    Long skirts

Ladies who want to show off their feminine side will definitely love styling the long skirs everywhere they go. Not only are long skirts versatile to be worn to any places or occasions, it is also comfortable to walk in all day. Besides that, the long skirts could be matched with a basic top, blouses, jackets and sweaters. You could mix match any piece to create various fashion looks to fit your character.

2.    Shawl styles

Since the past few years, numerous styles of hijabs are designed for women to choose from. From celebrity named shawls to top brands, muslimah women can switch their plain basic tudungbawal with different creative shawl designs to suit their fashion taste. You can also google up various hijab tutorials on Youtube to create a look which will stun others around you.

3.    Kebaya kimono

If you are getting bored with the normal outer wears, opt for the latest kebaya kimono outerwear to match with your outfits. Wear it as a cardigan or make a loose kebaya outfit with it. The kebaya kimonos are designed for women who prefer comfort and style into one whole look. Interested muslimah ladies who cannot wait to try out these 3 popular muslimah fashion looks can check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of muslimah wear online for women at the best possible price.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Welcome Back

Salam..Apa khabar korang? Rindu lah nak bercerita kat blog.Lama dah FY tinggalkan blog ni. Last post masa birthday bulan Feb dulu.Busy nye hanya tuhan yang tahu.Macam2 terjadi sepanjang 6 bulan ni. Yang kenal FY kat fb or instagram dah tahu kot. Nanti next entry FY cerita in details.

Sebelum terlambat, FY nak wish Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin utk semua readers dan kawan2 blogger. Manalah tahu ada silap dan salah sepanjang perkenalan kita. Minta diampunkan dan kosong2 ye.

Pic raya tahun ni. Tema color pinkish brown sedondon with my family. Kami beraya di Melaka.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Its my birthday! Officially 28 today!

Bersyukur kepadaNya kerana masih diberi peluang hidup dan dikurniakan rezeki yg tak pernah putus2..Alhamdulillah..Dulu time kecik2, selalu terfikir bila dah nak umur 30 ni, dah ada anak 2 orang..Hehe, verangan mmg no 1 FY ni..Kita merancang, Allah lagi lah sebaik2 perancang..Apa yg tertulis dan tersurat utk FY, FY terima sebaiknya..Redha dengan qada' dan qadarNya..InsyaAllah ada rezeki..Just berusaha, bedoa dan bertawakkal.

Wish FY untuk tahun 2014 ini, FY berazam untuk meningkatkan amal ibadah, banyakkan bersedeqah, berusaha lebih untuk pregnant, banyakkan savings, beli kereta & rumah sendiri dengan duit sendiri, menolong lebih ramai orang melayu untuk memiliki insurans, dan menjadi seorang yang lebih organized.

FY ucapkan terima kasih kepada semua readers dan kawan2 serta keluarga yang selalu memberi sokongan utk FY terus menulis blog walaupun masa sangat2 terhad sebab busy jungles dengan macam2 hal. Tapi, FY tak lupe nak singgah2 sekejap dengan blog kawan2 lain..Ada masa, FY drop komen..Keep in touch and friendship forever!

pics from my brother..hehe..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Experience with Zalora

I love online shopping! Hastle free, save time, save energy and save cost. Being a career lady with 1 full time job and 2 part time job, anything that is going to make my life easier and more convenient works for me.  Especially during peak season such as Hari Raya, Year End Sales and other festive season. I hate going to crowded shopping mall with limited parking space available. So, I opt to online shopping

Last month, I received Astro-E-billing award from Zalora. In rewarding my loyalty, they gave me RM50 discount on Zalora goods. I just have to choose any item that I want and enter the code to entitle for the RM50 discount on my purchase.

For 2013 resolution, my shopping mission is I want to fill my wardrobe with variety types of long skirt. So, when I log in into Zalora website, I just click on Muslim waer and choose muslimah bottoms. They have variety of selection from well-known brands such as Poya, Ethnic Chic, Amir Luqman and Rubaq.

I found that Ethnic Chic has a great collection of long skirt. From basic plain skirt until printed skirt. I just drooled and confused to a while, I decided to choose a plain purple skirt and add it to the bad. Insert some details of my name, phone no and address. Enter the code given and the system deduct the RM50 from the total bill automatically.  My shopping fees is around RM5 and I chose cash on delivery services. 

The next day, a runner called me and informed that the item is on the way. He delivered the skirt on time and I found it very convenience because I do not have time to worry about tracking no and delivery time. 

Actually this is my 2nd time shopping with Zalora. My 1st experience was purchased my baju raya Hatta Dolmat. I will keep supporting Zalora and will buy more items in the future. 

Shopping, it's a passion.

Shopping online, makes passion more double

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Packing tips

Untuk memudahkan kerja dan tak memeningkan kepala. Al-maklumlah, mana ada bibik..Huhu..Imaginary bibik ada lah..hehe..Some useful tips to share;

  • Take care when packing items, carefully wrap all breakable items and label the box as fragile
  • Declutter according to needs, wants, give away, charity and sell.
  • Pack heavy items into small boxes
  • The less space in the box results in less damage, so try to pack as much as you can into each box
  • Pack items from each room into separate boxes, this will make the process of unpacking easier for you
  • Remember to reinforce the bottom of heavy boxes with packing tape, this will make the box stronger
  • Put bubble wrap on the corners of precious furniture so they won’t get damaged during the move
  • Pack all jewellery and important documents in one box, keeping them safe and with you during the move
  • a page to list down all important details, such as moving day, time, your new address, phone number and more
  • list of items to have in an essentials pack.  An essentials pack is a group of items to have on hand at the new home, just in case it’s too late to unpack boxes, you have everything you need for a comfortable nights rest.
  • list to keep track of utility companies you need to arrange for disconnection and reconnect to the new home
  • list of services you need to contact and notify of your change of address
  • cleaning checklist, this is especially handy if you are renting
  • blank to-do list
  • a cute page to write a message to the new home owners (note down which day is bin day or details on how to use things around the home)
  • contact details, keep all contact numbers handy
  • Door signs – blu-tak the signs to doors in the new home to removalists know which room is which (colour coded)
So, project minggu ini nak declutter barang dalam store..Let's do it!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sumber Inspirasi

Nak masuk rumah baru ni agak memeningkan tapi excited sangat nak mendeco bagai. Tapi, kena fikir dulu konsep, luas dan warna yang bersesuain. Untuk living room, FY nak pilih earth color. Tenang dan tak jemu mata memandang. 

Ni antara, pic yang FY jadikan rujukan

My first choice.. Love everything in this picture except the fire place (ini Malaysia, bukan London)..Lighting tu sangat menambahkan seri kan..

Yang ni cozy style..Tapi FY tak suka meja jenis gitu..hehe..I suka yang ada drawer..Leh simpan macam2..

Totally natural..lemah lembut je rasa tengok konsep ni..Hehe