Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Packing tips

Untuk memudahkan kerja dan tak memeningkan kepala. Al-maklumlah, mana ada bibik..Huhu..Imaginary bibik ada lah..hehe..Some useful tips to share;

  • Take care when packing items, carefully wrap all breakable items and label the box as fragile
  • Declutter according to needs, wants, give away, charity and sell.
  • Pack heavy items into small boxes
  • The less space in the box results in less damage, so try to pack as much as you can into each box
  • Pack items from each room into separate boxes, this will make the process of unpacking easier for you
  • Remember to reinforce the bottom of heavy boxes with packing tape, this will make the box stronger
  • Put bubble wrap on the corners of precious furniture so they won’t get damaged during the move
  • Pack all jewellery and important documents in one box, keeping them safe and with you during the move
  • a page to list down all important details, such as moving day, time, your new address, phone number and more
  • list of items to have in an essentials pack.  An essentials pack is a group of items to have on hand at the new home, just in case it’s too late to unpack boxes, you have everything you need for a comfortable nights rest.
  • list to keep track of utility companies you need to arrange for disconnection and reconnect to the new home
  • list of services you need to contact and notify of your change of address
  • cleaning checklist, this is especially handy if you are renting
  • blank to-do list
  • a cute page to write a message to the new home owners (note down which day is bin day or details on how to use things around the home)
  • contact details, keep all contact numbers handy
  • Door signs – blu-tak the signs to doors in the new home to removalists know which room is which (colour coded)
So, project minggu ini nak declutter barang dalam store..Let's do it!

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