Tuesday, February 14, 2012

review about candy buffet

I plan to set up the candy buffet for my engagement and akad nikah event only. Just because time reception, for sure sekejap je licinnnn and FY tak mampu nak sediakan utk pax yg banyak..time tunang tu pun, FY dapat rasa macaroons and cheese tart je..huhu..yang lain, yilekkk..habis dimakan dan ditapau tetamu.


the vendor of my dessert buffet is my own cousins, Kak Zatul Saliza and Isyqi Salleh from Creative Genius Printable. Ni first time diorang buat utk engagement/wedding concept.Selalu buat untuk birthday party or aqiqah je. First attempt yang sangat cun!!! i loike it.

the list of dessert :

1- apam polkadot
2- fruit tart
3- fancy cookies
4- cream puff
5- pop cakes
6- macaroons
7- cream puff
8-chocolate cheese brownies
9- carrot cake
10- cup cakes
11- rainbow cake
12- cheese tart

all the signage and food label were exclusively designed for me.Thank you so much cuzzy. Comel giler!

and thank you to my cousin, Kak Sherly from Malacca for bake some macaroons and popcakes.Sumpah sedap! just nice.Not too sweet. bride to be Melaka or anyone from Melaka boleh order dkt dia k..Email me for more info.

i love macaroons so much!

the decorations were 40% of my ideas and the rest, i let and trust my cousins to deco the table beautifully. FY rent the wooden letters and deco from B2B, Reena. Cute sangat!!!

kesimpulannya, FY puas hati sangat! and semua orang pun suka tgk and enjoy makan dessert2 tu..


  1. bukan cantek! tapi sangat sangat sangat comel! hehe like! =)

  2. Comel gila! Yeayy saw my wooden letters. Ngeee :p

    P/S: U, blh tak i amik gambar ni?

  3. comelnye..mesti best kan mjlis tu..:)

  4. thanks dear picairin, anis, and ira =)

    Reena : yeah of course dear =)

  5. hai dear..nak tnye psl macaroon ur cousin k.sherly..bp eh die jl 1 pcs..hehe.

    email : qibilynn@yahoo.com


  6. aLamak...FY!!! tgk urs teros rase nk jugak.
    masaLah nih.budget ketat, nafsu besar.haha
    mind to share the totaL cost?

    emaiL kt sya bLEh?