Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wedding Planner

My wedding planner is my parents and I. Sebagai anak tunggal dan sulung perempuan (the rest are my brothers), they were so eager and excited to organize my wedding from scratch until it was finish. FY bersyukur sangat my parents sgt involve and hands on dari preparation merisik, bertunang, majlis kahwin dan bertandang.

Sekarang ni, FY tengah tolong2 kawan yang nak kahwin around August, September and December. FY tolong dari segi booking membooking, survey dan idea discussion. Last Saturday, FY sempat teman my friend pergi butik Syomir Izwa, Innai Red and Asian Atelir.

Sebelum ni FY tak berani nak contact Syomir Izwa to get his price for his tailoring and workanship service. Orang kata dia punya servis mahal but its not. He quote my friend RM2500. FY rasa harga tu reasonable sangat dengan nama and kualiti baju. His boutique is very berry nice! Landmark : above Mee Jawa, Publika. Syomir sangat friendly orangnya and I tengah kumpul duit nak buat baju dengan dia.. Maybe for Raya ?winks.

After that, we went to InnaiRed in Plaza Damas. Ohmaidear, I love their new collection! They are drop dead gorgeous. Totally my taste! But sadly, i think innaired is a lil bit overpriced for me. If you get higher budget, innaiRed is definitely a must place to get your wedding dress consultation. 

Later, kitorang pergi Asian Atelier at Ritze Perdana. Actually it is a studio boutique in a studio apartment. Cute yet classy! I love their lace curtain (tiba2)..hehe and also their range of clutch!! woooooo..i want! the owner is Alin. I love how she communicate with client. Very informative and idealistic. 

cecantik kan?


  1. Rilla memang suka sangat InnaiRed punya design...is I have the money...wuuu berangan

  2. dear..

    Baju for raya brape dia amik ye?? tgh pening jugak cari tailor untuk raya...padahal puasa pon blom..hahaha kak Sheila dah tak amik untuk tempah baju lagi dah sadis :(

  3. hai.

    syomir RM 2,500 tu dia kasi apa je ek? veil n kasut skali ke? n tu upah jahit ke include kain?