Monday, May 14, 2012

1st fitting session with AWC

Harluu my blog friends..FY rasa nervous giler semalam bila on the way pergi jumpa Ari from Ari Wedding Couture for 1st fitting. Tapi nervous hilang sebab kena tempuh jam yang macam %#&#^$%#^ all the way from my office to his place.lols..

We arrived at 8pm. Appointment was made at 6.30pm.huhu..yeah, i know i was late =( Nak buat macam mana, bukan ku pinta terlambat sebegitu but Ari memahami la keadaan.thank you so much!

Masuk2 je his house boutique, I was soo freaking excited to see my wedding dress. was 90% of what I imagine. Maybe I tak berapa suka part sleeve tu but Ari convince me to kecikkan. Ehemm, adakah I dah mengurus sedikit? hahaha..we'll see bebeh.

The dress still plain looking lagi coz belum buat patching and beading work yet.Nevermind, think positive. Ada 1 month to go.I believe Ari and his team will deliver his best. Tengok baju yang dah siap semuanya cantik giler ok!!! geram tengok!Next fitting session will be held on 17 May 2012 and after that ada fitting session dengan Nazreen Idris. fuhhhh, mudah2an semuanya ok..insyaAllah.